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HP laptop with Intel Core i7 and 1TB hard drive for $450 ($350 off)

Price drop! Amazon Prime Day — when is it, what to expect. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. Sunday Giveaway. Oppo Reno international giveaway! June 23, Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. News, reviews, deals, apps and more. Looking for a deal on Cyber Monday.

Best Cyber Monday laptop deals: Apple, Dell, HP, and more | ZDNet

Hi I like the Acer Predator Helios but i heard that it overheats on hard gaming what do you think. Hi, Office max has two deals with HP door buster and Lenovo. Can you give me your reviews on those laptops? The CPU is excellent. Please stay tuned. It really depends on a particular offer.

The best laptop deals you can get right now: Apple, Lenovo, and Microsoft

Oftentimes in just a couple of minutes after the deal goes live. The only potentially big downside is limited storage space of only 32GB and Windows takes up around half of that. But you can expand it with a memory card. In addition, the laptop has a free optical drive bay inside, so you can hack the laptop and put an SSD or HDD drive in that bay. I will be editing a lot of HD video on a laptop. I would look for two or three things.

My processor preference for video editing is the quad-core i7 series. In the list on this page there are a couple of laptops with it. In particular, with the iHQ and one with the older-generation iHQ. Both perform very similar. The dual-core i7 and i5 can be also decent for movie making, but the quad-core has a noticeable advantage when you load the CPU with video encoding.

If it does, a laptop with a quad-core i7 and a dedicated video card like the Nvidia GeForce M or above is a good investment. Finally, IPS display is a must. What do you guys think about it? Worth the money? A great deal if you take into account price, performance, and features. The only important drawback might be a lack of IPS for wide viewing angles.

Looking for a little advice if not too far past Cyber Monday. I actually purchased the Costco — HP Envy The main benefit of the Envy 15t is its faster i7 quad-core CPU instead of dual-core i7. In common day-to-day web, office, and multimedia playback tasks, the chips offer similar great performance. As for the video cards, the Nvidia M and M offer a very similar performance, with the M being only slightly faster.

My son is looking for a laptop for gaming.

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Intel HD Graphics with shared graphics memory. Laptops with integrated graphics like the Intel HD are not good for gaming generally. The HD can run only light games, while the M can run the demanding ones, although not with graphics details quality set to high. For better quality you can choose a laptop with the Nvidia M or higher. I am planning to buy a laptop. My use is mostly for coding and I use software like android studio, photoshop. I need a light weight laptop with long battery life.

I really like the HP Pavilion snr x, wanted your opinion on the same and if there are any other laptops I should consider. Thank you for this informative article! Any insight from anyone would be much appreciated, thank you guys!

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Hey, Just came across this and thought it was amazing! I was just wondering what your take on is with Lenovo? Any input would help out. Thanks a lot! Thank you for replying! I really do appreciate your insight and you definitely help solidify my decision. I was already leaning towards that buy because of having this Dell gift card from the past, but of course just had to hear it from someone else. You can by a second battery for the iSLV via Dell. Search for Dell Inspiron battery. Also the i5 CPU is from the newer 5th Generation instead of 4th, meaning a bit better performance.

Everything else is better on the i — display, RAM and HDD capacities, keyboard with backlight, and better designed chassis.

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I am looking to install both Windows 10, and Ubantu, learning bigdata programming, occasional movies streaming. Touchscreen is not a must. Hi Danijel. Thank you for this article and all of your input! Do you recommend one over the other? Or is there a better Hi, Tiffany.

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  8. The m6-wdx includes a bit slower i5 CPU instead of i7, but chances are you will never notice the difference during the tasks you mentioned. Now, the Cyber Monday Dell Inspiron has a dedicated video card which greatly improves gaming performance, but it you play only light games you can maybe get away with only the basic Intel HD integrated graphics. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Thank you so much for weighing in! Aside from the Envy being a 2 in 1, how do these two stack up?

    I appreciate your feedback! Thanks again! In comparison to the Envy x m6, the main advantage of the Pavilion is much faster quad-core i7 processor instead of the dual-core i5. Not necessarily noticeable during the light day-to-day tasks, but it can complete demanding operations like video transcoding or photography editing much quicker. In addition, its Intel HD integrated graphics is slightly faster than the HD , but still just an entry-level graphics solution. The Envy with the Watt i5 has a 48 WHr unit, so it will definitely last noticeably longer when unplugged from the grid.

    Also, Envy has a prettier chassis with aluminum lid and keyboard deck, instead of all-plastics design of the Pavilion. Hello,Daniel Z! Thank you that you share this info with us. Now i have MacBook Pro inch, Early ; 2. So I want to sell it and buy something much better. Could you help me,please! Which is the best offer for laptop to buy it this black Friday? Thank you, in advance:.

    Best Gaming Laptops To Buy On Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018 - UK Black Friday

    Please keep in mind this list is for Windows-based machines only, but still the Dell and Lenovo are excellent for your tasks without costing too much. Members of Amazon Prime will also get early access to deals. The way both Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals work on Amazon is a constantly updating set of products are on sale for limited times. If you miss getting a deal on your preferred item in time, you have the option to be put on a waitlist and get notified if it becomes available again.

    Staples may be more associated with office supplies than anything else, but they're also fully stocked with some of the best up-to-date electronics. So when Cyber Monday arrives, Staples is sure to have printers and office chairs on sale online, but they're also somewhere to look if you're in need of a laptop, PC or tablet as well.

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    In addition to similar sales likely for , the dates these sales occur matter as well. Last year, certain sales only lasted for 2 days, while others extended all the way to Saturday. The Kohl's website will soon be announcing their Cyber Monday sales. Another retailer to look to if you want deals on clothing is Macy's M - Get Report. Avoid the mall altogether with their Cyber Monday deals, which the Macy's website says will begin Nov. One of the leading outlets for Cyber Monday deals on apparel, expect similar sales this year.

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