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The hybrid drivetrain is made up of a 2.

In four-wheel drive form, the RAV 4 makes use of the hybrid system in wet and slippery conditions too, helping to minimise wheelspin. A Suzuki hybrid? Well, technically yes. The tech is becoming more prevalent, with more and more manufacturers such as Audi and BMW offering mild-hybrid tech in their cars. The system works by using a Starter Generator, which works as both an electric motor and starter motor. This assists the engine when the vehicle is setting off and acceleration and uses regenerative braking to charge its battery.

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Author: James Kelly Updated: 11 Jun Kia Niro Kia is well-known for its value for money offerings, and the Niro continues that trend. Lease payments can be incredibly enticing, since All Car Leasing takes the incentives and passes them onto you the driver. There is no current congestion charge for all electric vehicles. Due to the zero exhaust emissions of CO2. Making all EV's the clean option.

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Typical range is from km from a full charge more than double the typical commute. Some electric cars are partnered with apps to give the driver real time updates on their car. The BMW i3 for example shows range, location and battery charge from your device. The alternative to full electric vehicles is the Hybrid a combination of either petrol or diesel power and electric power cell.

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Hybrids save fuel, reduce emissions and can be driven without charging time. Leasing a hybrid is the middle ground between conventional driving and EVs.

Leasing a hybrid can save you money. By combining a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor, hybrid cars deliver dramatically higher fuel efficiency. The market's first premium hatchback hybrid at the time of launch, the Lexus CTh has been completely updated for and is now more prestigious than ever.

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Its design is bold but not like Marmite, and the finest in Japanese craftsmanship is evident inside, Premier trim models swathed in sumptuously soft leather and wowing occupants with the amazing Mark Levinson sound system. In EV mode, the self-charging CTh can run silently while emitting absolutely no CO2 at all, and its starting figures are impressive at This niche of the non-plugin hybrid sector is thin on the ground, partly because saloons aren't as popular as SUVs and other body-styles.

We still love saloons, though, and our choice would be the Ford Mondeo 2. With a sporty grille not dissimilar to an Aston Martin and a sleek overall silhouette, the Mondeo HEV has the looks, plus its minimalist interior is smart and comfortable, although boot space at litres isn't as strong as the 'normal' Mondeo's ish figure because of the hybrid technology fitted.

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It's got plenty of poke with bhp, while The Lexus ES looks edgy and futuristic on the outside, ensuring individuality on the road, while its interior is as luxurious as they come. Another entry by Lexus, which is unsurprising seeing as they've long been at the forefront of self-charging hybrid powertrain development, the LS saloon looks incredible on the road with its imposing spindle grille and sleek lines. While this luxury Japanese limousine isn't as sprightly as a BMW in the handling stakes, little beats it for outright luxury, with a beautifully appointed and utterly serene cabin bathed in the latest technology.

It's no slouch, hitting 62mph in 5. Lease a LSh 3.

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With Mercedes having dropped the Ch, finding a hybrid estate that doesn't need plugging in is currently a one horse race, the gap unsurprisingly once again occupied by Toyota, the forerunners in self-charging hybrid technology. We kind of feel like we should apologise, but it's just the way things are in the car industry at the moment following the introduction of the new WLTP emissions and fuel consumption test.