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But what exactly is an inventory? Are they really useful? Defined, an inventory is a list of merchandise or stock that is possessed; a record of assets, if you will.

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Taking inventory is not just a meaningless exercise, nor does it only have its place at work. We can take an inventory of our home, listing our possessions for purposes such as insurance.

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An inventory can also be taken of things such as our refrigerator, freezer, pantry and cupboards. This inventory brings us up to date on what we already have and assists us in avoiding unnecessary purchases. Within ninety 90 days of the expiration date on the Program's tearpad coupon, the respondent shall send by certified mail a report, in the form of a sworn affidavit executed on behalf of the respondent to the Associate Director, Division of Enforcement, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that respondent shall deliver a copy of this order to all current and future principals, officers, directors, and managers, and to all current and future employees, agents, and representatives having responsibilities with respect to the subject matter of this order, and shall secure from each such person a signed and dated statement acknowledging receipt of the order.

Respondent shall deliver this order to current personnel within thirty 30 days after the date of service of this order, and to future personnel within thirty 30 days after the person assumes such position or responsibilities. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that respondent shall notify the Federal Trade Commission at least thirty 30 days prior to any change in the corporation that may affect compliance obligations arising under this order, including but not limited to a dissolution, assignment, sale, merger, or other action that would result in the emergence of a successor corporation; the creation or dissolution of a subsidiary, parent, or affiliate that engages in any acts or practices subject to this order; the proposed filing of a bankruptcy petition; or a change in the corporate name or address.

Provided, however , that, with respect to any proposed change in the corporation about which respondent learns less than thirty 30 days prior to the date such action is to take place, respondent shall notify the Federal Trade Commission as soon as is practicable after obtaining such knowledge.

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  • This order will terminate on June 12, , or twenty 20 years from the most recent date that the United States or the Federal Trade Commission files a complaint with or without an accompanying consent decree in federal court alleging any violation of the order, whichever comes later; provided, however , that the filing of such a complaint will not affect the duration of: A. This order if such complaint is filed after the order has terminated pursuant to this Part.

    Provided, further , that if such complaint is dismissed or a federal court rules that the respondent did not violate any provision of the order, and the dismissal or ruling is either not appealed or upheld on appeal, then the order will terminate according to this Part as though the complaint had never been filed, except that the order will not terminate between the date such complaint is filed and the later of the deadline for appealing such dismissal or ruling and the date such dismissal or ruling is upheld on appeal.

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