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The wording identifies what product s the coupon can be used on. Manufacturers are smart. They will put a photo of the most expensive item in that product line, in hopes you will use it only for that item. However, if the coupon says you can use it on ANY toothpaste in that brand, then you can use it on the one on sale, not just the one in the picture. Since the coupon says you can use it on the 2 ct, you will save more money by buying the smaller packages.

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Almost all coupons include expiration dates on them. The coupon can be redeemed through midnight on the date the coupon expires. Cashiers will carefully review your coupons to ensure that they are not expired. Expiration dates are on coupons to help the manufacturers tell which offers are working and which are not. By only allowing their coupons to be redeemed for a select period of time, the manufacturers can decided whether to offer that same coupon again or if they need to try something else. Most coupons are manufacturer coupons, which means you can use them anywhere and at any store.

However, there are some store coupons that you can use at the specific store. Here are a few tips to notice the difference. They state it. See the coupon above. We know this is a store coupon. Remit to address. Store coupons will not have this on their coupons, because they do not need to send the coupon off for reimbursement. Today I went back again and got same product and they said they can only use 3 coupons for same item so I voided it again. Newbie here : Just to make sure I understand.

I can get one box of cereal and use two or three different coupons on the same box or do i use one coupon per box? A friend told me I could "stack" coupons but I have no idea what that means lol! Vera- if the coupon has another stores name on it Kroger won't take them because they won't get paid for them when coupons are collected. It's the policy of the store. I'm still a little confused on how to double coupons.. All other information was awesome!! How many items I get..

I'm confused when it says "Limit of 4 Identical Coupons" Does this mean I can literally copy the same coupon with the same barcode 3 more times? Or does it mean I can have the same coupon but with different bar codes on all 4? It means you can use 4 of the same that you actually clip from the newspaper! Print copies of coupons! It's against the law! It means you can cut 4 of the same coupon from newspaper inserts and use them on 4 products at the same time. This is really a great website you are giving me more motivation to keep going.

What Does Limit One Coupon Per Customer Mean?

I look at all the hauls and deals and I become clueless like why am I not able to do this? I am excited to learn all I can about couponing. Thank you for breaking down the coupon lingo. Thank you for the tutorial of the website. I know I will have questions and some of them may be redundant or dumb so I am asking for forgiveness now.

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I am very happy I found you :. I am shopping at Kroger and I have multiple coupons I'd like to use. Each coupon is for a complete different item. The coupons say limit one coupon per household.


Does this mean I can't use all of my coupons even though they are for different items? Or does it mean the same coupon.

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Please explain to me what does 4 coupons for same product per house hold, per day really means? Let's say I have 8 coupons for Tide. Today I went and used 4 of them, can I go again tommarow OR is that it for the month? Please help me. Three say "off Snug and Dry", three say "little snugglers" and two say "any package" are these considered identical?

Can I use all 8 coupons if I get 8 packages of diapers?? I've been trying to figure it out. I'd say theybare not identical because they specify a different 'style' of diapers, even though they are the same brand Thank you. It didn't say any one Subway sandwich. Does that mean you are limited to only one even though it didn't indicate one.

It plainly said any Subway sandwich. Vera, you are correct. What you have to do, as a couponer, is be sure to stick with the limitations and coupon policies because, what we have found, is that these changes come to fruition due to many years of misusing coupons by some. In fact, rumor has it that the reason some regions no longer have actual insert coupons in their inserts but instead direct you to the printable coupon, is due to high volume of insert resales in those areas.

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  • So, as you can see, they are really trying to crack down on coupon fraud and misuse. Another example of their cracking down is this huge disclaimer that is now listed at the bottom of the printed coupons:. Well, yes. Most of these coupons are a limit of 1 identical coupon coupon per household per day.