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Post Reply. I don't really know if this is a good deal or not since I never use Firestone. Anyone with experience care to chime in? HandOfGod , Dec 2, I can recommend the deal. Before you buy, talk to your local manager and ask them about it. I have it on both my vehicles and I get an alignment several times a year.

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Maybe 12 this year. So it's worth it to me. I know all the techs by first name and I have befriended the manager lol. Crom , Dec 2, HandOfGod [OP] likes this. Yeah, great deal. I have it as well when I rebuilt coilovers and switched UCAs and then mounted 35s. They honor the alignment check every time, but some may not since they claim modified vehicle BS. Thanks for both your input. Now I need to find a good firestone in Arizona. I have it. Some shops have guys who know what they are doing, some shops have guys who can't figure out how to attach a socket to a ratchet.

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There are a few different options available when selecting your service provider. A one time alignment will only be performed once and carries a warranty for a set period of time or miles, whichever comes first. Some companies choose to offer a one year service which will provide an extended warranty and additional alignments performed free of charge for this defined duration. There are also longer agreements available which could save you money in the long run if you drive often or if the roads in your area are bad.

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Automotive alignment is the direction and angle in which the tires point while sitting on the road. If you do not have a proper auto alignment, not only will it impact the quality of your ride, but it will also cause the tires to wear down unevenly which costs you a lot of money to replace them.

There are a few different checkpoints that are analyzed during this service to ensure that the angles are optimal and set as recommended by the manufacturer. Caster: The angle between the upper and lower ball joint of the steering mechanism which comes in contact with the wheel assembly. If you notice any disruptions in your ability to steer the car with ease at high speeds then this might be the problem. Camber: The angle between the road and the tire. This determines how much of the tire comes in contact with the road and can effect how the tires wear.

Wheel Alignment

The weight of the car will apply a force from the road onto the rubber of the tire giving you traction and control. Toe: The angle between the tires while pointing forwards. Each of the wheel sets should be parallel to help the car move without anything getting in the way. The specific settings which are calibrated at rest depend on the car being front or rear wheel. All specifications are provided by the manufacturer which will be checked during the alignment. You want to make sure that the location has ASE certified technicians working on your vehicle to ensure they are fully capable of completing the repairs professionally.

This might include a road test to check on other systems simultaneously. Occasionally you will need to have additional service performed to the suspension system, but do not be forced into having this done.